How to Balance a Digital Lifestyle

The world of the internet can be stunning. So many things to do and see. With tons of social media sites to look after, it can easily consume your daily life. It's important to keep a balance and there are some simple tips you can follow to ensure it doesn't completely take over your life and become a full blown addiction. Here are five ways to help you balance your digital lifestyle.

Set an Hour Limit or Schedule

If you find yourself spending far too much time than you would like sitting down in front of the computer screen attending to your digital life, it might be helpful for you to set an hour limit or schedule hours. Try cutting down the hours you spend on your digital activities. Set a daily limit of one to two hours a day. If it helps, pick scheduled hours of the day that you will solely dedicate to your online life and don't use the computer outside of those hours. Make sure you don't log off the computer only to move onto your smartphone. Limit the hours you spend on your smartphone as well since they make social media much easier to access.

Create a To-Do List

With so many things to check and do online, you can easily overwhelm yourself and spend hours upon hours completing all these digital tasks. To speed up your process, sit down and create a to-do list of all the online activities you much check and attend to. Try limiting it to only main and important activities. Don't write down, "Reply to every message and comment." Stick to the necessities and skip out on mundane details like scrolling down your social media feed. Most importantly, don't get distracted while completing the important tasks on the list since these can easily branch out into other activities and so on.

Designate Digital Days Off

It's time to unplug from your digital world. Take a look at your week schedule and pick one or two days where you take it off and away from the computer and social media. If you're afraid you will fall to temptation, invite a friend over or do activities together outside of the home. You can also complete all important digital tasks the day before your designated day off. This way you will know important tasks won't be neglected while you are away from your computer.

Sleep Away From Your Phone

Over 71% of Americans sleep with their phone next to them, which can ruin their sleeping cycle if they spend vital sleeping hours surfing the net on their smartphone. It is easy to fall to temptation when your phone is sitting on the nightstand next to your bed. Keep your smartphone in a location away from reach to prevent you from using it while you are trying to go to sleep. Place it in a drawer or even in a completely different room for the best prevention.

Recognize Addiction

Maintaining a digital lifestyle can be a slippery slope, but it can be fun too. If you are having trouble tearing yourself away from the internet or social media on your phone, then a little scheduling can easily help. Then, you will have to recognize internet addiction when you see it. If you spend over eight hours a day online, find yourself skipping out on meals, or pulling all-nighters on your phone, then you may need some assistance managing your digital lifestyle addiction. Try out these tips and know when it's time for a change of pace.