Microsoft Announces Xbox X

Many have been speculating about the details in Microsoft's next generation Xbox console. The company has stated that it would be a premium gaming system at a premium price. At the E3 2017 video gaming convention, they finally unveiled it, and some are surprised at the cost. Microsoft does not seem to be shying away from that issue, saying that the Xbox X will be well worth the money.

The announcement put the Xbox X at a price point of $499. That is almost twice the price of the scaled back version, the Xbox S, and a hundred dollars more than the PS4 Pro by Sony. It makes it the most expensive entry point of any Xbox in the series, but it is also the most powerful console gaming system ever designed.

The system has True 4K built in, and the most memory Microsoft has ever put on a graphics card at 12GB. They went with an 8-core, custom-designed CPU from AMD, and the GPU runs at 6 teraflops. The full specs and an introductory video by Microsoft are right here. You can see that they have put together quite a machine on paper, and the video lets you see how it is built from the ground up.

Mike Ybarra, Microsoft's corporate VP in charge of the Xbox, does not shy away from the price either, despite some initial negative reactions from press and game players. He makes it clear that this console is for demanding gamers who are willing to make that investment in their gaming.

"If you’re a high-end gamer and you want the absolute best experience possible," he said in an interview with **, "there’s no place you’ll find a better performance to price ratio than Xbox One X. True 4K, all the features you saw in the briefing at $499, that value proposition is great."

You can check out the full interview here. They cover a lot of ground, including the fact that many of the new Xbox X games will be ported over to windows for PC gamers. He also addresses the issues regarding a console gaming system that is approaching the price of PC gaming systems.

"If you're on PC you're going to be about $1500 or so, so that's another area," he said. "So that's the point that I love to say, 'What kind of gamer are you?' and let you decide what's best for you."

So, compared to the nearest, low-end PC system, Xbox X is still a pretty good buy, especially if it lives up to the hype Ybarra and others have been stirring. They claim quite clearly that it will be the finest console gaming experience out there.

The Xbox X promises to launch November 7, which means it will probably be a hot Christmas gift item this year. At $500, it may be pricey for some, but many committed gaming fans will no doubt scoop up the extra hundred bucks somewhere.

There will also be those who hold off spending at that level, however, to wait for the first round of users to put it to the test. Many gamers remember the initial problems around the launch of the 360 regarding overheating. Being patient, and letting others pay to Beta test, has paid off in the console wars before.l lifestyle addiction. Try out these tips and know when it's time for a change of pace.