Best Restaurants with Online Ordering Perks

There's nothing worse than being caught in a long line when lunch break is only 30 minutes. Savvy customers have turned to using online ordering and mobile apps so they order right from home or the office, skipping the line for a stress-free meal. We've compiled a list of the 5 best restaurants with online ordering perks.

Panera Bread

Panera has one of the best online perks among restaurants. The first perk is their membership bonuses. They offer free pastry treats on members' birthdays, and members can earn points to get more free food. Their online app lets customers order and pay easily online. When the food is ready, the customers can simply walk in and pick it up in the designated cubbies--it doesn't sit where anyone can take it. Panera also offers delivery in some cities for people who can't make it to the store.


Applebee's has been offering carside to-go services for many years, putting it ahead of many other similar restaurants. Customers can order online through the Applebee's website or through its mobile app. This app was revamped in 2016, allowing guests to save their payment information. Customers can also pay in cash at the door. Applebee's has a discount for first-time orders on the app, which can save $5-10.


Chipotle has one of the best line skipping perks in online ordering. Customers can pick anything they want from the menu, even while sitting at a table. When the food is done, it's placed in a special designated area for pickup--no lines necessary. As Chipotle says, "No queue for you!" Their app shows accurate calorie counts, too, so it's a good for way for dieters to be conscious of what they eat.


The Starbucks mobile app is a must for any coffee lover. The line at Starbucks is often packed, especially at peak hours, so the line skipping perk with online ordering saves customers an extra hassle in the morning or afternoon. The online menu also has calorie counts for dieters and displays when an item is out of stock. The crown jewel of this app, though, is the membership perks. Starbucks offers special discounts for loyal customers and often has games that let customers earn extra stars and bonuses. These bonuses add up, and are sometimes exclusively available for online orders.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut's online ordering knocks calling in for pizza out of the water. Once someone signs up for online ordering and saves their information on the site, the restaurant offers a 10-20% discount. About once every week or so, Pizza Hut also offers special deals on certain items as long as its ordered online. Some of these discounts amount up to 50% off. The online ordering app also saves customers the hassle of having to explain exactly what they want on their pizza. Ordering half anchovies, half pineapple is as simple as clicking a button.